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Security Solutions

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Physical Security
Currency Handling Solutions Electronic Security Solutions Steel Doors Premises Security Solutions

Record Protecting Equipment

• Centiguard - Fire Safes

• Dataline - Data Safes

• Fire Resisting Record Cabinet

• Record Room Doors

• Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet

Burglary and Fire Resistant Safes

• Popular Safes

• D-tel Depository Cabinet

• Defender Z+ Safes

Vault Equipment

• Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets

• Steel Fabricated Strong Rooms

• High Security Doors

• Defender Plus Strong Room Doors

• Currency Bin Cabinets

• Vault Accessories

3rd Eye Fake Note Detectors

Crusader Currency Counting Machine

Swift CCM

Access Control Systems

• Fingerscan with Proximity Readers

• IRIS Scan

• 3D Face Recognition System

• Timespan

• Godrej Proximity System

Electronic Alarm Systems

• Eagle Burglary and Fire Alarm System

• Eagle-i : Wireless Fire & Intrusion Alarm System.

• Falcon Burglar alarm System

• Notifier Addressable Fire Alarm System

• Dragon Fire Alarm

Perimeter Security

• Electro Fencing

Remote Surveillance

• Remote Surveillance

Surveillance Systems


Video Door Phones

• Video Door Phones

Fire Doors

• Two Criteria Fire Doors

• Three Criteria Fire Doors

HMPS Doors

• HMPS Doors

Industrial & Private Applications

• Boom Barriers

• Sliding Gates

• Swing Gates

• Chain Link Fencing

• Blocking Bollards

Industrial Security

• Norka

• Tyre Killer

• Tyre Ripper

• Concertina Fencing

• Automatic Sliding Gate Systems

• Automatic Swing Gate Systems

• Flap Barriers

• Hand Held Metal Detectors

• Full/waist height Turnstile

• Door Frame Metal Detector

• Vapour tracer - Pilot M/M1*

• Access Control Vestibule

High Security

• Automatic License Plate Reading System

• Electro Hydraulic Blocker

• Road Blocker

• Crash Rated Barriers

• ADE 101

• Hand Held Metal Detector

• Bullet Resistant Solutions

• Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

• Mobile-Trailer

Astrophysics Baggage Screening

• Baggage-100X

• Baggage-100XD

• Baggage-100XDV

• Baggage-5335

• Baggage-5335-S

• Baggage-5878

• Baggage-6040

• Baggage-6545

• Baggage-7858

• Cargo-1517

• Cargo-1818

• Mobile-Minivan

• Mobile-Trailer

Marine Solutions Home Safes Roll-a-Door Entranza Doors

Watertight Sliding Electro-Hydraulic Doors

WT/GT/Weather Tight Steel Doors

Watertight Doors (Steel/Aluminum)

Cargo Hatches

Bridge Window Frames with Toughened Glass

Scuttles - Steel/Aluminum Frames with Glass

Non Watertight Doors (Steel/Aluminum)

Mechanical Safes

• Rhino Safes

• Matrix Safes

• Manual Safire

• Cash Box

• Premium Coffer

• Ceres Safes

• Citadel

Electronic Safes

• Safire - Electronic Safes

• E-Swipe

• Taurus Safe

• Treasure Chest Electronic Safes

• E-Bio Safes

• Electronic Rhinos


Moulded Panel Doors

Flush Doors

• HDF Flush Doors

• Plywood Flush Doors

PVC Doors

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